12 Week Personal Training Plan

Elite programming foundation to mastery in 12 weeks!

WEEK 1 - 4

- Correctional exercise

- Movement patterns

- Body awareness

- Nutritional habit forming

WEEK 5 - 8

- Core foundations

- Muscular hypertrophy

- Balance and awareness

- Nutritional homing

WEEK 9 - 12

- Explosive core

- Strength, power, speed

- Freedom in movement

- Peak nutrition

These phases are broken down throughout your 12-week tailor-made program to optimise the way your body functions.

Whether you are completely new to health and fitness or you are a pro athlete everyone at Performance Elite follows the 12-week cycle which will be completely honed into where you are within your own level of fitness and goals.

Following the system will ensure the gains and progress you make are not short-lived or just a passing phase.

With these tools you will be given the opportunity to optimise how your body really responds to physical adaptations and when fuelled and looked after in the correct way, the by-product is a fantastic lean, healthy-looking body and that is functioning to its elite.