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12 Week Transformation

12 week transformation

Personal Training Plan

The Performance Elite 12 Week Transformation is designed to give you everything you need to build a strong, flexible body and positive mindset.

Whatever your level of fitness or ability, we will design a 12-week plan specific to your goals. You will learn how to optimise how your body responds to exercise and the nutrition you need to fuel your body and mind.

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What to expect


Personal Trainer

You will receive a bespoke 12 week of personal training plan based on you and your goals.

Dedicated Personal Trainer

Body analysis and tailored plan

3 fundamental phases of training

State-of-the-art gym



We will design a balanced food plan based on you, your body type and your lifestyle.

Nutritional goal setting

Weekly food plans

Healthy recipes

Vegan/Vegetarian guides



Unlimited access to your bespoke 12 week training plan on the Performance Elite app.

24/7 access to your plan

Connect with others

Inspiration and advice

Quick and easy access

Transform your health and wellbeing

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