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Collectively as a team we offer over 25 years of experience and we thrive on providing you the best of our knowledge and experience. Whatever your goal is we can ensure you that one of the team can help you reach your Elite self.

Please read our bios below to find out more about us to see who is best suited to your needs, or please feel free to come in and meet us.

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Jack Wilson

Founder & Head Coach

Jack Wilson is the Founder and Head coach at Performance Elite. He has worked in the industry for over 10 years and has trained a wide range of clients and athletes with goals ranging from fat loss, strength, rehabilitation and athletic development. With a thorough understanding of the technical and theoretical components involved in training, he helps clients achieve their goals and reach their maximum potential.

Jack is passionate about leading by example and loves to practice what he preaches. He has a no nonsense approach to training and only uses methods that have shown excellent results. Jack places a large focus on technical proficiency and ensuring clients move correctly and demonstrate excellent form.

Train to your maximum, be limitless!

Tom Archer


Having spent 10 years within the coaching industry he has acquired knowledge from lots of sources and brings it together for you in a fun and dynamic way which allows you to enjoy the time you spend in the gym. Tom enjoys training sessions both inside the gym and also making the most of the outdoor space we have available here at Performance Elite.

Tom has worked with a range of athlete from International tennis players and hockey players to young children aspiring to become future athletes. He enjoys helping individuals reach there athletic potential whether that is reaching a holiday goal weight or building an achievable program to fit around your daily commitments.

Remember you are all Athletes!

Samantha Cumes


Sam has always been passionate about health and fitness in her personal, social and work life. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing skills are part-and-parcel of her unique training and coaching style.

Whether your focus is on weight-loss, ancillary training, or anything in between, Sam will take you a step closer to your aspirations.

Newest member of the PE team

Zach Hickmore

Mental Coach

Zach’s expertise in sport psychology is geared towards helping athletes achieve, outperform and even more importantly, maintain a heightened level of performance.

Zach applies theory and practical training to improve athlete motivation, skill acquisition, overcome performance stress, anxiety management, performance under pressure, build resilience and mindset.

Through mental coaching, we become better athletes, thinkers and achievers.
Clare Van der Spuy

Clare van der Spuy

Health, Life and Mindset Coach

Her approach to health and wellness recognises that your body thrives based on how you live, work and play.  Each one of us is unique, therefore the challenges faced, although common in nature, (for example excess weight), will require a unique solution if you want long term success. Clare’s specialised training enables her clients to achieve their Aspirations regarding the elements of their health that they wish to improve. By working in partnership with her clients she creates personalised programmes that set a path for them to success in easy and manageable steps – all set in the context of their busy lives.

To find out more about Health and Life Coaching and to read what some of Clare’s past clients have to say about working with her, visit her website “Coaching for Aspirations” – copy the following link into your web browser

Clare believes that good health is born out of our lifestyle and our mindset.

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