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Collectively as a team we offer over 25 years of experience and we thrive on providing you the best of our knowledge and experience. Whatever your goal is we can ensure you that one of the team can help you reach your Elite self.

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Specialist Fields:
Sports rehabilitation / correctional exercise / injury prevention / postural alignment / functional movement.

I’ve been working in the fitness industry for almost two decades. When I first started, my goal was to own a strength and conditioning gym that provided a no-nonsense, honest and healthy approach to fitness for both athletes and clients.

My early training began with a focus on weight-loss and body transformations through personal training. Over the years, my passion increased and I began to broaden my knowledge by working with athletes and taking an interest in sports performance. During this time, I developed a greater knowledge of – and respect for – the human body and its biomechanical function.

As my experience grew, I realised that almost all my clients came to me suffering from some form of postural issue, muscular imbalance, weak core, or injury that had gone untreated. With an initial focus on fixing these issues, we were then able to move forward, achieving greater results while the client’s performance increased tenfold.

Every client I work with undergoes a 6-week correctional phase to help them understand their strengths and weaknesses. Together, our aim is to create a functioning, pain-free body with good posture. We build these foundations to enable us to utilise the body correctly; if not, we end up training over these imbalances and carrying stress within the body. This inevitably leads to poor form and a lack of strength and stability when loading exercises with additional weight or carrying out basic bodyweight movements.

As a coach, I aim to address weaknesses that lead to poor form and incorrect muscle function, whilst improving mobility and flexibility to a safe range. Once this is achieved, clients are ready and able to train efficiently and, therefore, undertake a structured program of strength and conditioning, leading to greater results.

No matter your fitness level or ability, whether you play a sport or want to improve your overall wellbeing, these fundamental principles of training are key to building a strong, lean and mobile body.


Specialist Fields:
Strength and Conditioning / Sports Performance

Over the last 10 years I have had the privilege of coaching athletes from a variety of backgrounds in a range of sports, from hockey to motorsports. My personal passion lies within winter sports and, if I’m not in the gym or on the field with clients, I’m regularly found in the mountains.

I’m currently in the final year of my Master’s degree in Strength and Conditioning. My continued and up-to-date interest in the latest research allows me to overcome regular pitfalls of training, while keeping athletes progressing towards their short- and long-term goals.

My coaching model can be best described as an athlete-centred approach to training. As a coach, I believe that understanding an athlete’s “why” is integral to building a successful plan of action. Finding the correct coach who understands you and your “why” is just the starting point of your program and personal development.

I have a passion for helping individuals reach their potential through calculated progressions in training and education in technique. My philosophy of training can be summarised as “building adaptable athletes, not adapted athletes”.


Specialist Fields:
Physical & Lifestyle Transformation / Pre- & Postnatal Coach

I am a mother, a writer, a coach, a yoga instructor and a martial artist. I love to dance, read, choke people, watch Netflix, eat cake, drink coffee and occasionally blap people in the face. I am enthusiastic about so many things that it is impossible to list them all and this is, of course, simply a part of what it means to be human.

Whilst my passion for health and fitness existed initially as something completely distinct from my working life, this eventually blossomed into an obvious marriage of the two. Little did I know that after stepping in to coach a kickboxing class, I would never look back!

I believe that wealth is of the heart, mind and body, as well as the pocket and that it is hard to claim success without wellness being a huge factor. However, I also believe that people are incredibly complex and that physical health is as different for each of us as it is dependent on the unique set of challenges we face. So, whether this means rehabilitation after an illness or injury and working towards being pain-free; finding a little more balance within a hectic lifestyle; hitting the weights to achieve the superhero physique you always wanted; or any combination of the above, the key to success is finding the best possible path that works for you.

While a big part of what I do is to help you identify and navigate your health and fitness journey, I’m equally as passionate about finding the ways in which you will most enjoy it. I think you’re far more likely to succeed in accomplishing your goals if you’re having fun along the way. In doing this, we can create space for the real magic to happen: evolving those preliminary wins into sustainable change.


Specialist Fields:
Athletic performance / strength and conditioning

I’m a multi-sport Olympian. In my professional endeavours I have worked with – and learned from – some of the best coaches in the elite sporting spectrum across 3 different events. In the 10 years that I’ve been competing, I have combined my experiences with world-class coaches with my own coaching of athletes of all ages plus adults with myriad backgrounds and experience.

I’m hoping to be a double Olympian and medallist next year and I’m really proud to continue to be part of the PE family as a guest coach.

My philosophy is a product of my background – I get people strong and powerful. Lots of athletic principles and training methods underpin my sessions which makes for a fun experience for those who’ve never trained like an athlete before.

I was told numerous times in my career that I wouldn’t get to the top level. Proving doubters wrong is a habit I developed that I love to pass onto my clients. You can do anything, and I’ll do my best to help you get you there.

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